What is a Trigger

A trigger at its most basic level determines when and where you would like to an interaction to occur, whether it be a message being delivered to a phone, or adding a person to a custom audience.

Creating a New Trigger

1. Go to http://advosmarketing.opnia.com/ and log into your Marketing Admin Account
2. Select the Campaign that you would like to add a trigger to
3. Scroll down and click the “+” symbol in the Triggers section


4. Trigger Details Enter the (Name and Details) then click “Save”
5. Set Zone Area (Search for a zone by zone name or site name)
a. Search by Site (Enter at least three characters to see matching sites)


b. Search by Zone (Enter at least three characters to see matching zones)


c. Click the “+” symbol in the list to add the zones to the trigger (You can add multiple zones to a trigger) and the “-” symbol to remove the zone


d. Click “Save” to continue
6. Set Scheduled Rules (Schedule Run Times for Triggers)
a. The trigger will fire so longs as all the rules have a True value
b. Name your rule
c. Select to filter by Date, day of week, or Time in the first dropdown
d. Select a rule for your filter of Equals, Less Than, Greater Than, or Is In List from the second dropdown
e. Example: You want your trigger to fire only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, between 8am and 5 pm from 1/1/2016 to 2/1/2016


7. Choose Message
a. Click “Link Message” to link the appropriate message for the Trigger


b. Click “Save” to Continue
8. Choose Audience (Here you can link your triggers to different signals such as a Facebook audience)
a. Facebook
i. Your organization must be properly connected to a Facebook ad account to be able to select and create custom audiences within facebook
ii. Click here to learn how to connect your Facebook ad account to your organization
iii. If you are already connected to a Facebook signal you can just select the desired audience from the dropdown, or create a new audience by clicking th “+” symbol