Today, we’re excited to announce will be competing in the 2015 facebook innovation competition for marketing partnersAdvos, a product by Opnia, is an iBeacon engagement platform integrated with the Facebook Ads API to programmatically build audience segments based on in-store shopping signals. In it’s simplest form, think of it as retargeting, but based on real-world behavior.

The patent-pending software is compatible with iBeacon technology for enterprises to deliver a customized data-driven experience to their customers.  iBeacon is hot now, but Advos was developed to be flexible for enterprises to morph to any protocol Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE),  NFC and WiFi as proximity technology evolves. Using the Advos tuner app, store managers can set up an Advos beacon network in under 5 minutes.

• Smart Zones: Target people with personalized content based on proximity or re-target people at a later date based on in-store activity
• Smart Tags: Trigger specific content based on active interaction with a beacon e.g. product information
• Analytics: Analyze in-store foot traffic, campaign performance, app usage via heatmap analytics to build more intelligent campaigns and manage all of your connected devices.

We foresee many industries that will benefit from Advos ranging from Retail, Automotive, Fitness, Events, Entertainment, Hospitality and Manufacturing.

In the case of retailers, a store may place an Advos beacon on a specific endcap with the newest television on it. The store’s app could then receive the location data from Advos and trigger a personalized coupon offer or a video with more information about features of the TV (hoping that doing so will prompt you to buy it). The lines between digital and physical commerce are blurring. In 2014, 60-70% of all retail web traffic coming from mobile with shopping apps driving 200 million installs per month. Advos is a connecting technology to merge in-store, mobile and E-commerce for a holistic view of your guest.

Advos BETA launch has been pushed to the Spring of 2015. We’re actively looking for more partnerships to demo our product so please don’t hesitate to contact us.